Rome Transfers Agency is represented by Gabriele De Luca, owner of the mentioned site, and owner of the Rome Transfers Agency car rental company based in Via Luigi Settembrini, 38 - 00195 Rome, VAT number 15009961002.

The transportation of Rome Transfers Agency passengers is fully covered by insurance policies regularly stipulated with third parties (insurance agencies); passengers are instead responsible for items carried in the vehicle such as luggage, bags or other items.

Reservations can be made by e-mail at, filling the booking form at or by phone dialing (+39) 339.38.55.056. Reservations are considered confirmed when there is a further confirmation by the customer of the agreed rate.

Payments can be made in cash, credit card (Visa - MasterCard) or bank transfer. If the payment should be made by credit card and / or bank transfer, it must be requested in advance. Any changes to the agreed route and / or unjustified delays could lead to a change of the fare. Our prices include diesel, motorway tolls and any parking spaces. 

The customer can cancel the reservation within 2 days from the date of the service by e-mail and / or by telephone at (+39) 339.38.55.056. Failure to notify the customer of the cancellation of the service will result in total debit of the agreed amount. If the customer does not meet with one of our drivers, it will be the customer's responsibility to contact (exclusively by telephone) with Rome Transfers Agency; if the customer leaves the meeting point without having contacted Rome Transfers Agency, he will be charged the entire agreed amount.
Any cancellations of airplanes and / or trains must be communicated by the customer (exclusively by telephone) to Rome Transfers Agency not later than the agreed time. It will be the Rome Transfers Agency's responsibility to check for delays / advances of planes and trains, and this will not entail any additional cost for the customer.  

Rome Transfers Agency under customer request can provide child seats for an additional cost of 0.00 euros.   

Rome Transfers Agency is not responsible for damage or loss of objects inside the vehicle. Furthermore, inside our vehicles smoking is forbidden (even electronic cigarettes).